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Vet Checked

 Pups are Vet Checked


GuanJun poodle puppies start their first worming at age of 2-3 weeks old. When they are reaching 6-8 weeks they will have a full Vet Check. They will also have their first vaccination. The Microchips will be inserted to them at same time. The puppy will go the its future home with the Health Record Card issued by the Vet.

DNA Tested

Analyse Dams and Sires DNA Test Reports


One of our important processes in selection of GuanJun Dams and Sires is to analyse their DNA Test Reports.

We place DNA test on all GuanJun Red Toy Poodle Pups. They are all free from known and testable hereditary disease.

Testing for hereditary diseases helps to create a clearer picture for the future health and happiness of puppies. Our puppies are purebred pedigree dogs, “disease free”. The puppy buyers will have the confidence that the puppies are free from diseases that testable to-date.

One of our goal is trying to improve the Red Colour of our Red Toy Poodle. All our poodles are DNA tested for their traits, they are KK or Kk on K-Locus, BB or Bb on B-Locus and ee on E-Locus.

Pedigree Certificate

Purebred red toy poodle breeder


We are the members of Dogs NSW and the members of Poodle Club of NSW.  We follow the code of practice and ethics which cover responsible dog ownership and breeder responsibilities.

Our purebred red toy poodles are healthy and their temperaments, size and appearance are predictable just as described in the Poodle standard.

All our puppies will have their Pedigree Certificates with them. Potential purchasers can choose to register their puppies on Main register or Limited Register.  The potential owners can also join Dogs NSW and can participate in a variety of activities and events with their red toy poodles. These provide an opportunity for social interaction with others with common or similar interests.

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